'Best Adventure' - Delights Retreat Layout #12

6:30 AM

When the challenge arises to take a polaroid selfie for a challenge, I resort to finding a different 'selfie' rather than my face. And when you have a SP-1 Instax printer, why take a hit and miss shot with a camera! Yes, yes I cheated. I took the photos on my iPhone then chose the best to print. In my defence, if I have to look at the page, I'm not scrapping something I cant stand.

So that is how this selfie challenge became two photos, not one. And how I was able to use the light to fade out the head shot :-)

The centre paper and the 'selfie' chipboard were part of the kit to go along with this challenge, but I wanted to try a few new things again and I wanted to use the chipboard 'selfie' as an addition to the page, rather than the title.

Best Adventure

The chipboard has been painted with a black Tim Holtz distress paint and placed in the memory area on the page.

I found this stamp a little while ago in an old kit, and have been looking for the right page to use it on again. I wasn't sure about this one, but thought if I gave it a go and it didn't work, it wasn't the end of the world.

Also, only gluing in specific parts of diecuts will give extra dimension.

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos at the moment, and the confidence that they have brought me is amazing. If I every think of hand writing any part of a title, I usually snap out of that thought very quickly. These videos have shown me that even the well respected names make consistent mistakes, but they own them and either work with the or cover them. I wouldn't say that hand writing this part of the title was a mistake, but I will own it. Its about it and this is my handwriting, like it or not!

I just love the KaiserCraft flamingo (they were my favourite thing to look at at the zoo as a kid). And that flair from {A Flair for Buttons} worked perfectly.

I didn't want to just journal anywhere on the page and let it sit out in the open, so I tried the idea of a half stamp so that it gave the journaling a specific place to sit. It closed it and gave it a place to belong. I think it worked as I was thinking.

I had fun with this layout. I was happy when I completed it, and I smile every time I look at it. Life really is the best adventure!

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