Canon Selphy CP900 Review

7:30 AM

I purchased a Canon Selphy CP900 personal photo printer about 3 weeks ago and I have had many people asking questions about the unit and how it prints. I thought the best way to deal with this was a blog post. Please note that all comments expressed in this post are my personal opinion only.

As a scrapper this printer has pulled me out of a slump. I now don't have to think about pages, organise photos and then head off to places like Harvey Norman or Big W to get my prints done. I now have the ability to print whatever I want when I want it and can keep scrapping all day long with no time wasted getting to the 'if only I had that photo in this size it would fit perfectly' issue.

The unit itself is very compact. Measuring only 178.0 x 127 x 60.5 mm it would fit into the smallest of scrap spaces. I move mine onto the coffee table next to my scrap space when I need to use it as it does need a little bit of room around it when it is actually printing.

Now here are the Pros and Cons
  • Compact and will fit in any scrap space
  • It can draw images from a USB or SD card eliminating the need to be connected to a computer.
  • WiFi enabled - Wireless prints directly from phones and tables
  • 2.7" colour screen to show what you are printing
  • Can crop directly from the unit
  • Can change the amount of images on a page (1, 2, 4, 8, Index Print & Shuffle Print)
  • Easy to use and a well written instruction booklet
  • Automatically detects and corrects bad lighting, face detection and colour balance
  • Uses dye-sublimation thermal transfer (with over coating) so no messy ink cartridge
  • Prints are tested to last 100 years in an album
  • Supposedly prints are waterproof (I don't plan on testing this one but may be a good thing for us clumsy scrappers)
  • Can print with or without borders
  • Can be used with PC or Mac software
  • Convenience
  • Needs plenty of room around it while printing due to the awkward paper cassette
  • Using P (postcard) size paper still prints smaller than a true 6x4 (It works out to be 148mm x 100mm or 5.8" x 3.9")
  • P size is the largest side it will print
  • The paper/ink packs are expensive compared to the Epson 'PictureMate' - Approx 60 cents a print
  • Ink cartridge is a film rather than ink and is only made to last for the amount of papers in the pack
  • Prints in CMYK colour range so there is no true black for B&W prints (although I have tested this and the B&W print was so close to the real thing it wasn't an issue)
  • If using the other size papers in the range you will need a converter plate for the paper tray
This printer uses a layer effect to print. First thing it does is pull the paper sheet all of the way through to the back. The first pass through the printer will coat in yellow only, the second is magenta, the third is cyan. At this stage you will see the whole picture. It then passes through for a fourth time to layer with a clear coat.
The paper is a semi gloss. Personally I prefer a matt or satin finish due to finger prints, but can say that I don't seem to have a problem with finger prints on this paper.

For more information and specifications of the Canon Selphy CP900 check it out here on the Canon Australia website.

Even with the little negatives to this unit, for what I am doing with it I am very very happy with my purchase. It is fantastic for the scrap world and I can't wait to order my next paper pack and keep printing away!

If you have any questions about this printer that I haven't answered, ask away and I will help where I can. Thanks for calling past.

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  1. I took the plunge and brought one too. Haven't had a play yet. Luckily I remembered to order a paper pack when I ordered the printer.


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