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6:30 AM

Following on from the last post about Project Life cards being used for other projects, I thought I would share this idea with you all. I have a couple of birthdays pop up around the same time and the gift bags I had were just plain old kraft. They looked a bit like I hadn't bothered to wrap the gift, just hand it over how it came straight from the store. So I wanted to personalise them. To make them perfect for the recipient.

Using Project Life cards, I have not only decorated both bags, but also created little cards to go with them.

Both bags have had a 3x4 project life stuck down for the base decoration. Placed on top of that are cut down cards - the little moments circle and the happy little life square. If there are elements on these types of cards, they don't have to stay in the original state.... Cut them up and play around!

Beyond this I have added a flowers, ribbon, sequins and die-cuts to 'pretty them up'.

Now for the cards. I have had these super awesome Tim Holtz stamps around for a while now, and wondered when the perfect time was to use them. That time was now!

I have also purchased a cheap watercolour set that I wanted to play with and figured that these stamps would look great with a little bit of colour (to match the bags where possible). One of these was stamped directly onto the inside of the card and the other onto white card stock as the decoration on the card was a bit busy.

Anyone familiar with Project Life cards would know that there is a few 6x4 cards that already have a score down the middle, so why not use them as they were designed. You can see the water coloured stamp on the inside of the card along with the bag decoration up close.

The second bag has had the white cardstock cut and foam taped onto the front of the card.

I really had a bit of fun with this little project. And it was quick, easy and cost effective. I felt good that the bags looked like they came from me, not just something boring.

There are more Project Life projects coming up soon, so keep checking back.

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