Cork Pin Boards - Pinterest Inspired DIY

10:00 AM

We all have boards on Pinterest full of wonderful ideas that, I'm sure we have great intentions to actually do something with. These days I am very selective as to what I pin on my boards, unless it is purely for inspiration (I have a couple for this that are separate from the others). I don't want to clutter them with "things". I want to use them for items I really want to achieve, ideas that will actually come to fruition.

I know that we all see posts that make things look super easy, and this little project was one of those! I bought the Ikea 3 pack of cork hot mats and a couple of fat quarters of material. The theme was black and white so I wanted to have 3 different prints, so regardless of how they are hung on the wall, there wont be a matching print.

I set to cutting the material, which I didn't really measure out in any way. I knew I needed a good amount to be able to wrap all the way around the back. I initially started gluing these together with a hot glue gun, but very quickly swapped over to my trusty fabric glue as the hot glue was leaving a raised surface under the material and wasn't sticking well to the cork.

I folded the material over and, I will be honest, it was a total mess! To combat this issue, I found a bowl or plate just a bit smaller than the back of the cork. I proceeded to trace this onto paper and use it as a pattern to cut a circle out of the corresponding materials. I have then just glued this over the back to cover the mess that was!

This could have ended up as a pinterest fail, but with a bit of thinking outside the square, I was able to save them :-)

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