School Formal Photo Shoot - Photography - Shania Yr 10

10:00 AM

I have been involved in photography for a long time now, especially back in the film days (I feel like an old person with the 'back in my day' line). Small fact: My first qualification was as a film processer and photo printer in a mini lab. A job I loved and still miss some days. Once things went to the digital world, I felt it became more about who could edit a photo more, rather than the natural eye for design.

Looking back now, photographing weddings on film should have been a highly stressful job, with so much that could go wrong..... At the time it wasn't. I found it was a great creative outlet, that I was good at. Besides weddings, I always seemed to find myself wrapped up in family and friends school formal photos. I have always had fun with these, and love that we can play around with not as tight time schedule, and that they are less formal than a wedding.

Photographing formals is something that I still continue to enjoy to this day. I usually talk about ideas with the people I am working with, and love to scope out the photography area well before the day, just to get a feel for the area, and have ideas in mind to use the space well.

For this formal back in 2014 I didn't have the chance to view the spaces first. I walked in sight unseen, trusting others judgement, and them trusting my skill. I actually loved both of the places that were chosen, and it didn't give me the chance to over think, I just had to get in and shoot. This is one of my favourite shoots ever!

I love this brick tunnel location. And with a nice breeze blowing we got some beautiful body in the dress skirt.

These locations were amazing, and ones that I will use again for other shoots.

What a fun afternoon it was, and the results from the photos are some of my best.

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