'Stay Wild' - Layout

7:00 AM

Its been a bit cold were we live on the NSW south coast of Australia, and as I am back to my studies again, crafting time has been few and far between. So I have a few bits and pieces that I want to share still and haven't gotten around to it. This layout is one of them.

I cant say that it is one that I am overly happy with, but I will settle for it being one more memory recorded. And keeping with the cold weather theme, it is from our snow tip 3 year ago (yes, we do get snow in Australia. No, it is not everywhere. Yes, it is within driving distance from where we live, about 5.5 hours away, and yes, it is ski and snowboardable).

I'm not sure what I don't like about it. maybe its the mix of warm and cool colours. Or that that navy blue papers are just too heavy. Yet in its own way it all still works together.

I have been trying to play more and more with watercolours, and something inspired me to use them in the background on this layout.

There is a speedy share while I can pull together a few more blog posts for you. Time to get back to the study..... or find something else to play with while I procrastinate! Oh I know its not just me that does this!!

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