SMASH Demo at Scrapbooking Delights

12:04 PM

Ok, so I am a self confessed SMASH addict. I admit it. It has gotten to me and I let it win. But I am happy with that. I have found another form of creativity that suits me and my hoarding styles.

I have had the privilege of being asked to share some of my ideas on SMASH and put my albums on display at a couple of FREE demos at my LSS Scrapbooking Delights.

These will be held on Wednesday 3rd April at 7.30pm and Saturday 6th April at 1pm. Come along and let me introduce you to the wonderful world of SMASH and share my love of this latest craze.

This is open to all ages, so if you have a teenager or an Aunt that you think will like this idea, book them in. Even if you have a few questions, I am sure as a group there will be some amazing ideas thought of and shared at the demos....

For those of you who are still wondering what SMASH is, here is how K&Company explain SMASH in video form.

Bookings are essential and can be made by calling Scrapbooking Delights on 02 4260 8885.

Come along and say Hi!!

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  1. Wow! What a priveldge to be asked to do that Tess! Good on you xx


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