'A Day at Bondi' - Project Life Mini Album

7:30 AM

Have you ever had one of those days out where there are just too many photos for a scrapbook layout, but really not enough to build a full mini album from? This day trip was exactly one of those.

When my cousin and her partner were down from Queensland, we had a girls day out day trip to Bondi. Living in New South Wales all my life and I had never been there, so it didn't take much to count me in.

Bek and I are very similar in the fact that the phone is never far away to document anything through photos. And this day was no different. Between both lots of photos, I had more than enough to document the day out, but finding a solution that wasn't under or over done was a bit of a task.

When you have as many Project Life cards laying around as I do (I really think they are breeding) then you will find any way to use them (just to give me the excuse to buy more). I am loving the mini album ideas at the moment and I thought that making my own mini from the PL cards would be a good idea. So I set about looking for the stash and pulling out ones that I thought would work.

To be fair, I have also used a few patterned papers from a 6x6 pad to give the photos that are already 4x4 a little bit of a boarder but you will see that through the album photos below.

There is a clear transparency cover on this album. I wanted to do this to protect the cover, but also to add that extra layer of dimension. I have added the 'Bondi' part of the title to the front in a timber look thicker and stitched through the middle with the sewing machine.

I started by just sticking the photos in then I went back later to journal and embellish.

There are a combination of 4x6 and 3x2 project life cards in this project and they have been scattered throughout the album.

I found a few Words or Whatever wood veneer pieces in my stash and thought they were appropriate to use on this OTP.

I have used paper cuts from a 6x6 paper pad to enable me to stick the smaller square photos on. I print these photos at home so they are no definite size. I think they came out about 3.5x3.5 inches.

I wanted to have a fairly bit journal space in this album, bit I didn't want a whole page of text. So I found a way around it. In the project life kits there are a few cards just a bit smaller than 4x6 that already have a score down the centre. I knew that by folding one of these in half I would be able to hide my journaling, but still have plenty of room to tell the story.

To be able to open and close this card I have punched a hole through the top corner of both layers and simply snipped one side of the hole to be able to clip the card around the album ring to close it up.

This gave the ability to use the back side of the card for either more photos, or in this case another bit of journaling.

I thought this 'Love' card just fitted perfectly with all of the boardwalk art. I didn't want to do too much with it, but I think the arrow paperclip does enough.

I wasn't sold on the 3x2 card turned landscape in this album, but I really wanted to use the 'today' card. It turned out that it was perfect for the photo that I put on the back.

I hoped to break up so many photos in the album by using some of the PL cards and leaving them fairly plain.

While we found a place to stop and have a quiet drink, I kept the little tag off the beer bottle, specifically to put in this album. Always the crafter, thinking ahead!

While up in Bondi, we got the chance to visit the Aquabumps gallery, so again I grabbed promotional postcard to stick in the album too.

To finish off the album, I have used another transparency, from one of the PL Heidi Swapp kits. I thought it looked perfect over the top of the heart card.

I hope this may have inspired you to pull out any of those cards that you have laying around and use them to document a day trip out too.

It was a really fun project and used up products that I already had in my stash.

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