Hens Day Mini Album

6:30 AM

This project..... Lets be honest, there is absolutely no reason why this project took me so long. I have no idea what I was thinking when I started this, but I can say that maybe waiting to get it done was the best thing to happen to me. It has now been completed at a time where I am not over worried about everything. A time where I spend way too long over thinking things. A time where my confidence is high enough to just get one with it and move on. And I love it!

My hens day was back in November of 2012 - nearly 3 years ago now - and the album was purchased and prepared ready for photos back in January of 2013. I had all of the photo ready to go. All I had to do was chose the ones that I wanted to use and pull it all together. Apparently this just didn't happen.

Now that is a bit of a blessing in disguise. While I have forgotten the absolute minor details of the event, all of the memories that exist are the story that I have told with this album. They aren't over run with so much detail that I would have had no room for photos. And finishing a project like this so long after the even also gave the change to relive such a fun day.

The album us made up of 8 chipboard pages, each of which have been covered with the same Teresa Collins paper collection. As there were so many photos that I wanted too keep, I have had to add a few extra 'pages' as I went. This wasn't an easy task as the chipboard pages take up pretty much all of the space on the binders, but I think I have made it work ok.

I found a couple of sticker sets in my stash, which I have no idea what I was really saving them for, but they have now been used on this project and they matched wonderfully. Also the addition of a few enamel dots made for minimal decoration.

To gain the extra space needed, I have inserted shipping tags. These allowed me more photo space, but also more journaling space.

Washi tape was a wonderful addition for this album as it takes up no space dimensionally. It was the perfect accent for each page.

Its hard to see here, but I have also added a square transparency in this gap, just to add a bit more interest to the project. Its all in the details!

There are two different types of shipping tags used on this project. The larger tags sit horizontally and the smaller, darker tags sit vertically. These have had the yellow ribbon tied to the top of them and have primarily been used to journaling only about each location we stopped at on the day.

This page is a really good example of the two tags working together and how they fit into the album. A couple of enamel dots was all it needed to dress up the journaling tag.

There was a lot to write about a couple of the places we visited. The hardest part to working with these dark tags is that they are very thick. This means that they take up a fair bit of room in the album, so I was limited as to how many I could use and where.

The shape of the pages was a bit of fun to play with in getting all of the photos I wanted into the album and positioned in such a way that there wasn't much lost of the photo. This page was a good one where I had a bit of room to play.

I loved the ability to double up these photos, especially the two on the right hand side.

There is another transparency in this gap. I wanted something to add to it so that it wasn't the only place where both full pages had nothing in between and very similar photos on both pages.

This album size gave me the ability to use both 3x2 size photos and 3x4 photos. By adding both sizes, it gives the ability to add some variety into the album, but also highlight a few particular ones that are special to me.

I found a way to include as many photos as possible onto these two pages so as to document one part of the day without needing too much additional space. Again done so with the journaling tag in the centre continuing to tell the story.

It was a super fun day with so many people that I love, and I am so glad that I decided to start this album to remember it by. Looking back at it now, it was one of the best ways to spend my hens day.

One thing that I did do in this album was use the very last page as a way to document all of the relevant information from the day. This has the list of wineries we visited and in what order, who attended the tour during the day, and who came to the dinner at night. This page wont be easily accessible with how full the album is, so I thought this was the best place to make sure that all of the finer details were not forgotten.

I really, really love how this project turned out. It is currently sitting in a prime place in my scrap room (with another mini album that I love). It feels good that I don't keep seeing the cover of this album and thinking its another thing that I really need to finish.... Its now marked off the to-do list!

I hope you have found something inspiring in this project that would entice you to try a mini album for a  special even too.

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