'The Moon & NYC' - Layout

6:30 AM

I have been watching Shimelle's weekly videos on YouTube each week and when I found the 'Starshine' collection on sale at Spotlight, I snapped it up. It was initially one of those buys. You know, the ones where you aren't really sold on the designs but because it is on sale you take a chance? Well that chance paid off. It is designed in such a way that pages can be cut apart for layering and I love it.

When I came across this 12x12 paper in the pad, I initially screwed my nose up thinking that there is another piece that will never get used. I usually HATE these types of papers and find they destroy my creativity. Something just clicked after I had flicked through this pad a few times and this layout was pulled together in no time at all.

I dug through my photos and found the exact ones I was looking for. Now don't let that fool you that I have my photos organised or anything.... It was a total fluke!!

I have been saving NYC themed bits and pieces since we were planning our first trip there 6 years ago and some of these were put to good use too.

It was great to use up some of the older alpha in my stash, and they put apart pages made the layering all the easier. Even the branding strips matched and were used.

I loved NYC and it was great to finally be able to get these photos down with the relevant information. I can see more uses in this paper pad than the bargain I bought it for. I am looking forward to getting my hands on Shimelle's new line now.

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