Countdown to Christmas - 1 month to go

7:00 AM

I wanted to share my to do lists in the lead up to Christmas to celebrate one month to go til the man in the Red Suit has been and gone again for another year. These lists were started back at the end of September and grew through October and November, with the first presents being bought and crossed off the list by mid-October.

I just love this time of year. There is such a hive of activity in making sure everything is done on time and nothing is forgotten. Its the sign of summer and warm weather and sun and sand to us in the Southern hemisphere and it really is the best time of year. I want to be are prepared early on this year so that I can really just kick back and enjoy the season without the pressure of getting last minute things done!

I have 3 different note books going along with my diary, all strategically placed so that I can write lists whenever things come to mind. One notebook is in my handbag so is with me at work usually on my desk, one notebook is on my scrap desk so that I can access it for notes while I am in there on my computer or crafting up a storm, and the other is on my kitchen bench.

If you were to open all 3 notebooks it would not be surprising to see the same lists in each. Its good just being able to get things out of my mind, and as I am usually thinking about different things when I am in each of these places, there are always things missed on some and listed on others. This way of keeping track just works for me - yes, I know some would call me a control freak because of this, and I cant say they are wrong!
To date I have the following lists going and they are constantly growing and shrinking as things get crossed off!
  • Presents List - Who buy for and ideas as they arise (and cross off as they are finalised)
  • Food for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner - meats, salads and deserts along with all kinds of nibbles and drinks to celebrate the season with family.
  • Decorations - there are a couple of lists here including for the tree, the house, the table centrepieces and my work desk.
  • Craft - There are a few gifts on this list but also my wreath and table runner.
  • Tropical Christmas songs - As much as I love traditional Christmas songs, they all talk about snow, and the cold, and a typical Northern hemisphere Christmas. With my love of Hawaii, I have found some really beautiful summer island Christmas songs that appeal a little bit more to a Southern hemisphere festive season.
  • FMS Gift Exchange - Details about the giftee and what to buy them.
  • Christmas Card Exchange - Addresses for the people I will be swapping Christmas cards with all over the world.
  • December Daily album - planning of days and ideas for days without photos.
  • Elf on the Shelf - I'm sure Barry will be back this year and I just know this super naughty elf will get into more trouble than its worth!
Oh, and just for a laugh, have you seen these Christmas trees yet? I couldn't help but smile when I did.... Somewhat appropriate to the Southern hemisphere I think!
I am sure there will be more lists written and crossed off over the next month, and as a child you don't realise how much of a mammoth task Christmas can be to organise, but I wouldn't change it for the world!
Enjoy the countdown to the festive season.... I know I will!

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