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6:30 AM

I have been super busy at the moment, with study, life, holiday planning and a bit of scrapbooking. Yes, you read correct. I have been getting paper stuck together with glue and it has been feeling good. I have been too busy lazy to take photos of the pages so that I can gather a few blow posts together, but we will get there! I have also taken on the massive task of trying to complete my project life album from our 2014 Hawaii trip. From what will end up being a very full album, I had only completed about 3 pages! Its a huge task but one that I am determined to finish.

I seem to have a mouse taken up residency in my scraproom. I saw it run past me the other night, and figured it was a good time to call it done. I'm not scared of mice, I just done like surprises like that. The dog spent most of the day in there yesterday trying to work out where it is, and the trap that I have isn't working! Time to get new traps and try again... This has kept me from the room for the last few days.

So, how to waste my time in place of playing with pretty paper? I recorded a few more memories through video. I have pulled together the 2 timelapse shots that we got in New Zealand in January, and although they are short and sweet, I love them. I wanted to share, while I continue to work on older videos and get some more practise in before our up coming holiday. These are available on my youtube channel.

PS, I think the second one is the better of the two :-)

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