2014 December Daily - Post #1

7:00 AM

Now that this album is finally finished, and that we are on the downhill run to Christmas again already, I wanted to give you a bit of a look at how I pulled together last years December Daily album. I have split this over 2 posts so that its not too much in one hit.

I chose to use the 6x12 Teresa Collins gold album (even though this photo doesn't make it look gold at all), and thought that even though I might struggle with the idea of having a bit of extra space compared to the previous years 8.5x11 album, I was wrong. I used every. single. bit.... and some. I explored different ideas for creating more space, and know that I will use some of them this year as I undertake a very different album set up again.

I started out being ok with blank space cards (ones that don't need any altering at all). As I flipped back through later on, I just couldn't leave them with nothing, so a couple of sequins and a piece of washi tape seems to be enough to break them up.

There is a fair bit of journaling in my album (which I didn't realise I did so much of until I look at it now).  I love having the ability to print my own photos at home so that I can get any size I need for this project.

I love using tags like these and allowing the ribbon to poke out of the top of the album. I think it makes it look fun :-)

As we celebrate our wedding anniversary during December, I always like to add in different elements to document this a little bit separate from the rest of the month. This year I have used a Teresa Colling memory folder and punched holes in it to match the rest of the album and keep it secured. Its a nice touch too as it gives a different texture that everything being behind plastic.

Elements like chipboard and wood veneers are perfectly suitable for an album like this too. You can see how I have separated it from the rest by making this all about one event.

Documenting items like a Pinterest page for Christmas or other project ideas is a great thing to look back on, but also fills an empty space where needed. If you are anything like me you are on there every couple of days so it wouldn't matter what day it was put on.

Using shaker pockets adds an additional element to the page. These can have a solid back on them so that you can only see them on one page, or be clear to cover two pages and allow you to see through to the next page. Oh, and they are fun :-)

These next couple of photos will show one easy way to make extra space in your album to document you December. This page below looks just like any other page spread. But it has you fooled!

Under both of the 6x4 sleeves on the right hand side is the actual page. I have taken an additional sleeve and cut it up to create individual pockets. These have then been sewn onto the original page. Super easy and you have gained yourself so much more space. To keep these two interesting, I have sewn them on different sides. I'm still not sure if I am happy with this idea, but I think at least it does add something.

The first year I did this I didn't worry too much about what was happening in the world and just focused on our life. This year I felt that I needed to document something that happened and effected so many people - the Sydney siege. Its not a nice topic to want to share, but it made me grateful for so many things, and this I wanted to document. Pulling pictures from the net or screen shots helped to capture this.

Using photos to hide tags behind is a great way of making a card about the photo, and the journaling is just an extra... especially in such a heavily journaled album. The top right 6x4 has a tag behind it and records the Instagram comment that went with the photo. It also adds a bit of ribbon to stick out of the top of the album.

So that is it for this post. The rest of the album is coming up in a few days. Call back for a few more ideas to add to the space you have to document your December daily.

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