On a Mission - To Do List of Unfinished Scrapping Projects

10:52 AM

Anyone that follows my blog knows that every now and then I do a post about my life and in this case getting things done. I am on a mission at the moment to get all of those unfinished projects sorted out once and for all. And.... As I am going to keep myself accountable for them, I am going to put the list out there for all to see.

So, this came about when I had a couple of people over for a scrap day a couple of weeks ago. One of the lovely ladies is new to scrapping and I was able to pull out a few of my albums and share some ideas. To my embarrassment, I found myself saying "this one isn't finished yet" to  EVERY. SINGLE. ALBUM. I felt like I had never accomplished anything that I had set my mind to (except one little mini album from my first time in Hawaii - a total of 4 days - which is very proudly on display). I thought about all of those memories that were slipping away by not being recorded. I thought about next generations opening the albums to unfinished stories and never knowing what happened next. I thought it was about time I put my head down and got some of these projects finished. 

The next step was to write a list...... Yes, I write list after list, and have a total love affair of crossing things of said lists. I love the sense of achievement and yes, lists work well for me. They make me accountable and able to make a plan of attack. So I wrote a list in my notebook. I then typed the list out, printed it and have stuck it on my scraproom wall (with some pretty washi tape of course) and have started working my way through the list and crossing items off it.
This is SO me!!! 

To keep myself completely accountable, I am going to put the list here and update it as I go. You are going to see things on this list that date back some time, but this is an honest list of things that just need to be completed. Here goes:

  • December Daily Album - 2014
  • December Daily Album - 2013
  • Colour Run Mini Album - 2014 (journal only)
  • 52 Week Album - 2012
  • Vanuatu Smash Album - 2012
  • USA Capture Album - 2013
  • USA Route 66 Mini Album - 2013
  • Hawaii Project Life Album - 2014
  • Hawaii Instagram Mini Album - 2014
  • Bondi Mini Album - 2015
  • Wedding Planning Smash Album - 2012
  • Engagement Party Album - 2011
  • Wedding Album - 2012
As you can see that is a pretty long list of things to get finished (and I am sure there are more that I have forgotten about and will find to be added). Since that list has been written, I have achieved a few things on it. I feel great for these being finished. I feel like I can be proud of my work.

Completed to date are:
  • December Daily Album - 2014
  • December Daily Album - 2013
  • Colour Run Mini Album - 2014 (journal only)
I am currently working on both my 52 Week Album from 2012 and my Bondi Mini Album from this year. And I can say that I am not too far off finishing both of them. 

I have found with the 52 week album, that I am able to pull these pages together really easily, even though they are 8.5x11, as all I am doing is recording the memory, not creating masterpieces, and it is making me feel good! Isn't that what scrapping is all about?

I hope I have inspired some of you to make a list of all your unfinished projects to get them done. It feels good and you get to go back and relive all of those memories all over again!

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