Mason Jar Mugs - Baby Shower Theme - Step by Step

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For my cousins baby shower late last year (yes, that is how long I have been sitting on this blog post for) we decided to make mason jar mugs for the guests to drink from. We wanted them to feel a little bit vintage and have the home made look, but still have a touch of pink to match everything else.

Here is a step by step to pulling these together, and with all of the right items, they really don't take long.

Just a quick note for my American friends - Hessian is Burlap.

1. Make sure you wash all of the glassware before anything else. Once the hessian has been added, this will not be an easy task.
2. Measure the width of hessian that you need and cut. Don't forget to allow for a little bit to over lap when sticking down.
NOTE: To cut big pieces of hessian (burlap) straight, pull out a thread or two and this will give you a line to cut by without giving you all of the extra little pieces fraying out of it. It makes it easy to keep straight and saves on mess.

3. Run a line of hot glue along under the handle (or where you prefer the overlap to be)

4. Stick one side of the hessian strip down.

5. Wrap the rest of the strip around the glass and stick down. Being hessian, the hot glue will seep through. If it isn't sticking enough, add another line of hot glue, or a couple of dots where needed.

6. Check that the hessian strip is straight and sitting where it is require to.

7. Add anything you like to the finished product to make it personalised. As these were used for a girl baby shower, I chose a beautiful twine by Whimsy Farm. This has white and 2 shades of pink in it. It was the perfect touch.

8. The finished product. The twine strips have been wound around the mugs 3 times and tied in a bow at the front. We have added some paper straws to the mugs to bring in another colour.
And here is the finished product on the table ready to be used.

This was such as easy project to do and gave the perfect home made touch to the day. The hessian was purchased at a material store by the metre (precuts are super expensive so don't be fooled). The twine was an online order from Whimsy Farm and the mugs and straws were sourced from a homeware shop.
Let me know if you give this DYI a try and how you went. I would love to hear from you.

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