'#TeamCap Love' - Layout

6:30 AM

This is that layout that I managed to pull together mid week a few of weeks ago now (you would have seen a progress shot on my Instagram and facebook pages if you follow me there).

And its the layout that documents my love for Captain America (and the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Its also the layout where I talk about feeling like I missed part of my childhood by not reading comic books until I was an adult. Lucky for me, my gorgeous hubby bought me my first one for my birthday this year (and yes, it is Captain America)!

I wanted this layout to reflect the colours, and the character, which I pretty happy with how I achieved that.

#TeamCap Love

The stars on the layout represent Caps shield, and I was really happy when I found these old papers in my stash, as they were the perfect fit... I guess that's why the page came together so easily!

I have used a couple of flair buttons, which unless you know the story of Steve Rogers, you may not pick up on the significance. The Brooklyn Bridge flair represents Steve Rogers coming from Brooklyn. He was born in New York, New York so the relevance of the Empire State Building flair has a place too.

This layout came about from the recent release of Captain America: Civil War which my side was chosen very easily. After seeing the movie, I still stand with #teamcapforlife!

I love that I have documented this point in my life and have found something to make me feel like a kid again!

Thanks for letting me geek out for a moment!

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