52 Week Catch Up (2012)

6:30 AM

While referring back to my post 2 weeks ago about getting things done (found here), I mentioned that I have been working really hard on getting my 52 week album from 2012 finished. Those that follow me on facebook would know that I am 3 pages off finishing it, and have 2 that I have no photos for, which I am working on how to handle this issue. None the less, yes, I am 3 pages off finishing!

I must say that when I started this process, it was more about getting it done so that I could move on with the next project. I can now say that I did sit back and decide that if I am going to do this, lets take to opportunity to relive these memories and make the most of remembering the fun that occurred that year.... It became a productive walk down a not so distant memory lane. I mean, we do need to look on the positive side of things here, and part of why we do what we do is so that we can look back on it, is it not?

I know there are a few of you out there that have indicated that going back and finishing old projects is now on your to do list too (which I am happy to have inspired you with), so I thought I would pull together a few tips for making this process as easy as possible for you.

1. Use old scraps and/or kits that you have laying around. I found that I actually had kits from that time still pulled together in my stash which made it really easy to finish off pages. The added benefit was that I was also reducing my stash! (justification for new product, right?)

2. Plan/Map out what dates/events are missing. I keep my diary every year so I was able to go through with a note book and work out what happened in those missing weeks so that I knew what to fill.

3. Work out which photos you are going to use for everything on your list at once. This way you only walk down memory lane on one occasion, not every time you need a single photo. This was a good time saver in the long run.

4. If you find a gap that you cant fill straight away on your list, leave it and come back to it later. There is no point wasting time on filling it when you can be working on the other items and thinking about it at the same time... Some of these missing events just needed a bit of time to think about them and how I was going to portray them.

So here is what I have been up to. 8.5x11 size was not easy to me at first. I have found that picking it up again was easy, as I wasn't trying to create masterpieces, just finish documenting the facts of a big year in our lives.


So that is where I am up for this blog post. You can see that most of these are pretty simple layouts but clearly tell the relevant story. And you can now also see how much I had to catch up on (here I was thinking that there was only a maximum of about 10 pages to complete)!! I can tell you it feels really good getting this project finished!!
I will be back to share more shortly.

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