'#BedHairDontCare' - Layout

7:00 AM

Do you ever have one of those days that you wonder if your hair looks ok, or your make up needs a touch up, but don't have a mirror so use the selfie camera on your phone? I can't be the only one! That is how this pic came about. It was a Saturday in summer, and I was too lazy to get off the lounge when it was mentioned that my hair was looking good so I used the selfie camera to check it out. Low and behold my usually flat hair had a bit of body to it, just like I had rolled out of bed, so I couldn't help but snap that one!

At the time of pulling this layout together, I had been watching all of Glitter Girls weekly YouTube videos. And while my style isn't even similar (I like a lot more while space) I had just bought Shimelle's paper pack. I really didn't think I would like it much, but the way the cut apart papers have been designed, and the colour combinations, makes this a super versatile range.

This page is super busy for me, but I kept going with it anyway, and although it is different, I do like it.


You can see from the below shot that there are lots of little bits and pieces pulling this one together. These include die cuts, puffy stickers and stamping. And who can forget a good bit of mist splatter!

This cluster is no different. There are die cuts, puffy stickers, stamping, mist splatter, cotton and flair. Such a good combination with the enamel dots and the gold phrase stickers.

I have used this collection a few times now and every time I am surprised how easy it is to pull the layout together. I wasn't able to get anything besides the papers pack, but as there are so many cut aparts in the 12x12 sheets, you don't need any of the coordinating embellishment packs to make do!

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