52 Week Catch Up (2012) - Post #4

10:44 AM

I can now officially say that my 52 week album from 2012 is complete..... its all done!! While I am in the process of packing for the Scrapbooking Delights retreat this weekend, I am crossing another thing off the list. Don't worry, there are plenty more still to go.

Here are the last 3 pages to finish it off. Again using old kits.

Anyone that I am friends with will know that I didn't have photos for 2 of these pages, so I had to found a work around. The photos on the above layout are pulled from Google. I have made the below note on the back so that I will know that we had a great time, but forgot to visually document it.

I also had no photo for the next page, so a quick facebook page search and I was able to pull one that would work. The photo is extremely blurry, but it still documents the night.

And what would have been called 'week 53' to round out seeing in the new year.

I love the fact that this is now finished. Its a big project to take on and I did achieve it.... even if it is 2.5 years late!

See you on the flip side of the retreat weekend.

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