'Forever San Francisco'

10:00 AM

Another week down out of 52 and the year gets shorter again! I am dreaming of another holiday like our last one and this page is right up that alley.

We fell in love with San Francisco the first time we visited, and the second time even more so as we explored so much more of the city. The only tourist thing we did both times was hire bikes and ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. This is something I would do every time we went there and every weekend if I lived there.

So when I saw the beautiful fine chipboard bridges in my March pack I was so excited. I knew the photos that were going with these and, as I like to keep things real and sometimes just a little too perfect, I tried to make sure the chipboard colour was as close to the real deal as I could find.

Forever San Francisco
Using chipboard detailed Golden Gate Bridge (WOW2062) and chipboard Golden Gate Bridge (WOW2063)

There are actually two different chipboard bridges, one has detail and the other is basic.

 I have coloured each of them with a combination of paint, sharpie markers and mists, then overlapped the detailed version on the basis version to give the effect that you are really looking at the bridge from the ground.

These bridges are beautiful. Obviously they are perfect for any page of the Golden Gate Bridge, but I am sure if you let your imagination go, you will come up with so many ideas that these can be used for.

Thanks for stopping past xx

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