'Family' - 9x9 Shadow Frame

6:30 AM

We took a trip to Ikea a couple of months ago, and I was happy to find the Ribba frame. It is a 9x9 inch shadow frame in both black and white at the bargain price of $9.99 each. I picked up a couple in each colour with the aim to stash them for presents in the future. There was no way of walking past them!

Thinking about Christmas presents this year, I remembered that I had these frames stashed, and how easy it would be to scrap a smaller layout to make a really personal gift. Why not work to our strengths, right? This page, all thought there is a bit less space, was pulled together really quickly from items I already had in my stash. I love being a crafter some days.

The colour in this photo of the layout look a bit washed out which is a shame. It looks much brighter in real life.


Most cheap shadow frames have a lining of foam around the inside to create the shadow space. These frames are extremely well made and the inside is actually a separate timber box with is easy to remove if you don't want it in there, or you wish to remove the glass piece.

This has now been packaged up ready for Christmas. I know that it will be a cherished gift and one that I really loved making.

And next time I head to Ikea, you can be sure that more of these frames will be added to my basket.

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