The Color Run - 4x4 Mini Album

10:00 AM

Taking a break from the Delights Retreat layout share, I thought I would share this mini album that I finally completed.

It seemed a bit of a funny idea to complete a whole album based on one event that took a couple of hours of our life, but being something that was so fun and celebrating a friends birthday, I couldn't help myself. The best part of this was that I was able to complete a second album for her for her birthday and do them both at once.

This was the first one of these 4x4 We R Memory Keepers albums that I had completed and I was very happy with it.

The Color Run came to Wollongong for the first time back in 2014 and we figured that it was a good bit of birthday fun. The day was great and the photos turned out amazing. Especially considering they were from an old iPhone camera.

In following on from the 'to do list' and getting it done, all I had left to do was the journaling - in my opinion one of the most important parts of memory keeping. Yet one of the things that we often say we will come back to as we cant think of the right words at the time.

Here is a bit of a look at how it all came together.

I washed the headband (which I used as a watch cover wrapped around my wrist on the day) and have used it around the album to keep as memorabilia. This way I didn't have to find a way to incorporate it into the album, nor feel the need to add something to the cover.

I chose to use the Australian spelling of Colour on the cover, even though the event is the American spelling - Color - as seen in the background photo.

Using the 2x2 pockets was a bit of a challenge, but once I found an easy way to print them to size, they came together pretty easily.

When I pieced the albums together I tried to make sure that I kept a good amount of journal space. It turns out that, like life, I had more to say than I realised, so was looking for a bit more space, which a design decision at the start made possible to find easily, as you will see a bit later in the album.

The embellishing on the photos has been kept simple. This was a decision that I made at the start and stuck to as the album progressed. I selected the enamel shapes and the sticker packet at the beginning and didn't stray from it, which I think made the process simpler in the end.

I knew when I put the ampersand card into the album that it would buy me a but of extra journal space where needed. Lucky as I used every bit of space. If there was only a small amount of journaling required I would have written it inside the ampersand.

I love how these photos came out, highlighting the bright combination of colours, and how covered we were from the 5km course.

Using plan cards to mount photos on also gives additional journal space.

 The left hand card was the only other card placed specifically for journaling in this album. By the time I got to the end of that space, I  knew there was still more I needed to tell, so again with the use of a fairly plain card, I was able to use the space to finish the story without having try and add more cards.

So there is a glimpse at the first 4x4 album that I have completed. I loved the process so much, that I have another 4 of these albums ready to go. 2 of these will be holiday albums and the other will just sit in the stash for a bit now. I know that it will be used the moment a project comes up. These albums took me a little bit out of my comfort zone, but not enough to scare me away and I love that I have so many more idea from this one, and have used it to learn what I like and don't like. I will continue to learn from these and experiment with ideas! 

And the added bonus of something else off the 'to do list' complete.

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  1. This is great, I loved the colour run when we did it last year here in Perth but we didn't really take many photos! Hello from FMS gift exchange too :)


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