'Cute' - Delights Retreat Layout #8

6:30 AM

I really am jumping all over the place at the moment with these blog posts. Its been a while since I had so much to share, and I just don't want to let all of it sit until later (because secretly I am hoping this streak might last a while)!

This is one of the retreat layouts where I was inspired by some very arty people, and this is the simplest version of arty that I can pull together (without getting too messy). The challenge was to use chipboard pieces on your layout. Rather than use the pieces to be stuck on, I used them as a mask and misted over the top of them. Once this had dried, I drew around the shape with a black marker.


How awesome are these gold chipboard words? I used over half a packet at retreat and have another brand new packet ready to go when they are finished!

As all of the shapes were draw freehand, none of them are perfect, nor the same, and I am ok with that. I have taken a script stamp and stamped over the top of all of this with black stayzon.

As much as I enjoyed playing around with a page like this one, and this is about as 'messy' as I get these days, this style just isn't me. I always have to look twice to see make sure that I did this. One thing this layout did do for me was not be afraid to just try something new. If it doesn't work, I have lost nothing. But anything can be added to to make it work in a different way!

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