'Adorable' - Delights Retreat Layout #5

7:30 AM

Back to the Delights Retreat layout shares. Just about every photo that I scrap, I have taken. The only ones that aren't mine are ones that have been taken by photographers usually at special events. This photo was one that my gorgeous cousin put up as a facebook profile picture and I just had to text her to send me a copy. This was a beautiful photo that I wanted to keep a record of.

The retreat challenge was to use the transparency sheet provided. Now, I did use a lot of this sheet across a few different layouts, because transparencies are fun, but this layout was completed specifically for the challenge. The only issue with transparency is that it is difficult to photograph!


A few people asked me at retreat how you attach transparency to a layout so that people cant see any adhesives. The answer is simple - I put adhesive (in this case a double sided tape) onto the transparency piece where it is hidden behind the photo. The attached the part that everyone sees, I use a simple staple. It doesn't look out of place, and can be a feature if you chose to make it one.

I have used vellum and acetate pieces from a Maggie Holmes collection. The vellum is easy to adhere with adhesive. The acetate pieces are attached either with the adhesive being hidden behind other layers or again with a simple staple.

I am loving these resin dots from The Resin Rainbow. They worked perfectly with the green on this layout. You can see where I have used the staple on the transparency film strip.

I love this layout. It was another one that came together really easily and will look great in the album.

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