Scrap Space Revisited

8:52 PM

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I have a new scrap space. Well its not new as such, its just had a face lift, but feels new to me!!!

If you remember, back in January Donna put out a call for us all to reveal our creative spaces... Here is what it looked like then....

I got sick of not having anywhere to put so much of my stuff, so though a face lift would help the situation. It has organised a few things but I still don't have all of the space that I need. I think another cabinet with basket draws would be perfect to put a few of the extra items that are still floating around.

Here is what it looks like now.... Still a total mess and just the end of the dining table, but that is just how I create :-)

I would love to see your scrap space!!!

I will be back later with a few challenges too...

TFL xx

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