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9:17 AM

After being prompted by a blog post from the beautiful Donna, I have realised how much I love seeing everyone elses scrap rooms or in my case scrap space. It is exciting to see how organised people are, and where the all of the wonderful creations take place.

So following on from that, here are a few photos of where I spend my time playing with paper and glue.

Welcome to my scrap space (AKA Organised Chaos). As you can see, it is just the end of the dinning table!!!

I have my tools in front of me all of the time, along with my inks and usually a small container of flowers. On the clothes airer behind the the chair under the window is a pizza box with layouts that need to be put in albums, a pizza box that I use for my glimmer misting and all of the items to make our engagement party invitations.

Next to where I sit is my cubes. On top is the layout of my choice at the moment, a container with photos I plan to scrap, my glimmer mists, a basket of ribbons and a box of embellishments. In the cubes below are papers, albums, all of my alphas and magazines. The pizza box on the floor is all card stock and the green box next the cubes is all of my card making supplies and stamps.

I have a lamp in the corner which gives me extra light at night. You can see my tote on the ground which I am working out of at the moment (thanks to not unpacking it after crops!!). The big clear tub is just extra stickers, adhesives, and bit and pieces. There is a box with my chipboard in it and the pizza boxes on the clear tub are papers, embellishments and clipboard that I have bought to start scraping our holiday when we get home.

So there is a look at the chaos that I call my creative space!!!

I didn't think that I had managed many layouts this month, but here is one I have done from Christmas.

Life as usual continues. Finishing the last planing for our holiday, putting as many plans in place for our engagement party, loving driving my new car and just general life.... No wonder there isn't room in my head for much else!!!!



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  1. Thanks for sharing your space Tess, I love your Christmas page.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us Tess! I wish we had a chance to catch up while I was down :(

  3. love your creative caos, you know where everything is, love it!

  4. Hi tess!!! Thanks so much for uploading this link to my blog! Good luck with the draw..:o)


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