'Chocolate' - Words or Whatever

6:30 AM

This layout had been floating around on my scrap desk for a long time. It was one of those layouts where you start then get a creative block and push to one side. You get the need to just get it done and get that block again and the same cycle continues round and round.
Well, this is now an example of a layout that I finally just GOT. IT. DONE. I am far from happy with it, but I think that it is what a lot of scrappers need to remember, myself included. Not everything you produce is a master piece. Sometimes you just need to stick it down and move on. In time you will look back on a layout like this and usually get caught up in the memory that you have scrapped rather than how hard it was to finish, or how it sat around for so long unfinished, or that you just weren't happy with it.
We need to remember why we do this.... Its about the memories. I try and finish at least one Easter page a year and this was 2013.

There was a story behind this photo, but I wanted to hide it on this page as I couldn't find the right spot to put it and still make the layout work. Looking at it now, I can see heaps on places to put the journaling that would have worked..... Hind sight is a wonderful thing!

You will see the use of a few Words or Whatever pieces on this layout too to add a bit of embellishment and dimension to the page.

This page looks unfinished to me. But I will not change it. It is a sign of what I liked at the time, and it will stay that way. This is the best piece of advice I was given and the best piece that I will pass on to anyone that cares to listen!
Thanks for calling past.

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