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6:30 AM

Christmas has come and gone already and we are in a new year, yet I am wondering where it that time went this year. I really did struggle to get into the 'festive spirit' last year. This wasn't by choice... I watched Christmas movies and played Christmas carols in the car every day for the month of December and still, it just didn't feel like Christmas. Work was busy, and we were in the process of house hunting which I think took away from the fun of the season (I'll come back to this one in another post later) but now that it has come and gone I wish it had lasted longer, or that I tried harder to get myself into the spirit.
One thing I did get a chance to do a little bit before the start of December was to scrap a page from Christmas 2013. I think this was the last page I scrapped for 2014, but it did give me the chance to use one of the beautiful Words or Whatever chipboard pieces.

Christmas lights really are part of what makes Christmas 'Merry & Bright' for me. I love nothing more than letting them mesmerise me as they twinkle away on the tree.

The chipboard piece has been misted with gold and the star on the top has been coated in micro beads to give it a bit of texture.

Thanks for calling past and I hope you all managed to get into the festive spirit a little easier than I did.

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