Goals for 2015 **warning - long post**

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I think the last time I tried to set goals on my blog was in 2013 and the post was never published! I look back at it from time to time and find that most of those goals are still my goals now. So as a reminder to myself and to put it out there and make myself accountable, I am taking on the task of putting them down in print for everyone to see.

I haven't taken part in the 'One Little Word' project before, but this year I do have a word that I want to inspire me and to live by in 2015, and it is DO. I need to be crafting more, moving more, spending time with friends and family more, and generally making things happen. I often set lists of things I need to achieve, but these are always part of the small picture. This year is about doing lots of things that have a significant impact on the big picture too.
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So here is the goals list for 2015 (this is likely to change and be added to at any point in time!).

1. Craft more - scrapbooking, card making, sewing, general DIY things - I need to set time for this and stick to it. I want to enjoy it again and think that the break I have had was a good thing. I need to remember that I do this for me and no one else. My style is exactly that, MINE. It is a representation of me and I should be happy with it.
2. Blog more - I want to share all of the crafty stuff with you all plus more! This is something else I need to set aside time for and I am thinking of marking time in the diary for it.
3. Be more organised - There are so many aspects of my life that seem so organised on the surface, yet underneath they are a mess. Its time to get it all together again and make things happen.
4. Move more - I really need to start exercising again. Like everyone I have noticed the Christmas weight and its time to get active again and to start dropping the kilos. I am thinking a boxing bag in the garage will do the trick to start with. Winter is my issue, with the colder weather and lack of afternoon sun, it seems to be where I stop putting in the effort and then struggle to pick it up as we come back out the other side.
5. Catch up more with Friends - The way I see it is that there are only 52 weeks in a year and it just isn't enough to fit everything in, especially working full time, but I need to make more time to catch up with friends, both old and new. Even if it is just a coffee here for my local friends, or an inbox message for my international friends (even though I would love for you to visit and have a coffee with me IRL), life is short and I want to know that I have taken every opportunity to catch up with the people that make me smile.
6. Plan another holiday - I don't know for when or where, but I want the goal there again to be saving for and putting money away for.
7. Do something with my photography - Some of you are thinking I mean business.... Wrong! This one is a double edge sword. How many of us have all of your memories stored on your computers or digital media? Yes I scrapbook to save these memories, but I want to put them into coffee table books. This way if anything happens to my digital storage, I am covered and will be happy to have them for people to look through (a bit easier than pulling out all of my scrap albums). The other side to this is to take more photos and share more on Instagram. This is becoming my storage space for my one off photos and I am loving it. Its a place to document where I am at any time and be able to look back on it easily.
8. Work more efficiently - I am starting to pull things together at work that I hope will make my job a little bit more efficient. I want to get it all documented so that I know where I am heading and making sure that I am achieving the KPIs that I have set for myself. I love my job and I need to remember that by putting in the hard yards now and by putting my plans into practice I will achieve more in less time, and love my job more as it wont be so stressful.
9. Stress less - I am a stress head, and I thrive off it, but it does get to the point that enough is enough.
10. Go and see more - There is no doubt that when I am not at work, I am a home body. I love my time getting around in my comfy clothes and crafting, or reading, or wasting time on facebook and pinterest. This year I want to make the effort to go out more and see more things. If there is an exhibition I Sydney that I would like to see, I need to make the effort to go. I need to just head to the beach for an afternoon to enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, or head out for a picnic lunch. I need to remember that sometime the best things in life are free.
So there are 10 goals for 2015. There is nothing saying that I will actually achieve any of these, or I may achieve them all, but knowing that they are in my mind and now in text, I hope that I can try to be the best that I can this year, and build a foundation to improve every year going forward.
Lets finish on an image that inspired so many women during World War II - Rosie the Riveter!
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