WOW October New Release - 'Boyz in the Hood'

7:30 AM

Do you have colours that you just hate to scrap with? Every time I admit to one of those colours, I seem to pull off an ok layout using it! I have been through my phases with these types of colours and I can still safely say that green is exactly that.... Number 1 at the top of the list.
Somehow I managed to produce this at the Savvy Delights Retreat all with a base of green! Its funny. I like the layout, but somehow think it would have looked so much better in another colour! Like pink, yellow and teal maybe ;-)

Boyz in the Hood
Using 6x6 Tiger Stripes AltaMATZ (ALTA188) and dark wood veneer 'Noteworthy' title (WOW1975)

This is an example of the new wood veneer words being very delicate. When I picked up this piece, I bumped it against a table and it broke. A very simple fix to that is to just stick it down! Try and line it up as best as possible and go for it. No one will ever know. Even I can't tell you where it broke from this photo.
Aren't the dark wood veneer gorgeous!

Thanks for sticking with my over the course of the Words or Whatever October new release. There are just so many gorgeous new goodies in the range and all coming to a stockist near you.
I am still working on the Canon Selphy CP900 review which will be up soon!

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