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Following on from my last post, I would just like to say a big thank you to those that contacted me to make sure I was ok and lend me an ear if I needed it. So often we hear about how bitchy the scapbooking industry can be, but I am very glad to say that I have some amazing friends from this hobby that are there when you need then, even if it is just to remind you that you are human and you aren't the only one that feels that way sometimes. As for the lack of mojo in the scrappy area, a gentle reminder that it is my week at Words or Whatever was enough to snap me out of that problem. Thanks for the reminder Sue!!

So as we have a long weekend here in NSW I have been working on a few pieces to show and a technique or two that can we used with the Words or Whatever products that you may not have used or played with.

Todays post is all about NAIL POLISH. Yes you did read that correctly. How many of us buy cheep and nasty nail polish for a random colour that we wear once and never use again? Well here is a solution to that will both use up that stash and help with your colour choices on your chipboard and veneer items. I have spoken about nail polish before on this blog but here is another example.

NOTE: Please use nail polish in a well ventilated area.

New Toy
Using light wood veneer Brush Hearts (WV037), light wood veneer 'Love' title (WV023) and light wood veneer Heart Icon (WV027)

I love the pink, teal and yellow colour combination at the moment and this page is no exception. Most of the page elements are pink or teal so to bring through the yellow I have used a light yellow shade of nail polish to coat the wood veneer pieces.

I love the fact that it gives the veneer that gloss look with very little effort and the nail polish brush is fine enough to get into those little areas and still keep all of the detail, such as the 'Love' title.

I have also used a heat gun on the nail polish in the past to get a textured effect. It will bubble under the heat but still dry relatively flat but with a bumpy surface rather than the smooth flat gloss.

The colour choices are endless and the light wood veneer takes to colour exceptionally well. I have used this on many pages and love the effect!
And I just had to get a close up shot of the cluster!
Thanks for dropping past. I will be back tomorrow with another share.

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