Honeymoon - San Francisco, California, USA - Day 4

9:00 AM

Our last day in beautiful San Francisco saw us do one of our favourite activities here. Two trips to San Francisco and twice we have hired push bikes and ridden the Golden Gate Bridge. It is such a great feeling - the ocean breeze on a beautiful sunny day riding around a city we LOVE.
We hire our bikes from Blazing Saddles, who we highly recommend.


Being "Super Woman" and holding the bridge up.

The halfway point looking back South towards San Francisco.
There is nothing better than the awesome little town we finish the ride in - Sausalito. It has an interesting history, including being involved in the making and shipping of moonshine in the prohibition days, and having a prostitute for a Mayor. We love the day trip here, and the cute little shops, but the ultimate winner for me is the gorgeous water fountain in Vina del Mar Park. Oh, and can anyone tell me why there is an elephant statue at the park entrance??!!
We finish the ride with lunch from "Fish & Chips". Don't forget the Snapple!

Sausalito from the ferry. No, we don't ride back across the bridge. We go one way only then take the leisurely cruise back across the bay on the ferry. When you arrive at Blazing Saddles they give you the ferry ticket. If you use it you pay for it at the end with the bike rental. If you don't use it, you simply return it. Easy... I love the way the Bridge just looms over the hillside. It looks so foreign and unnatural.
San Francisco, Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge from the Ferry.
Another shot with the Transamerica Building. The city was is in preparation for the Americas Cup, so there were yachts and boats everywhere.
What else do you do after a bike ride? Head straight to the bar!! Buena Vista Cafe where Irish Coffee was introduced into America in 1952. As I don't like coffee, I sat and had a beer. Having the luck of the Irish to be able to not only get a seat, but one at the bar, we were able to see how these potent drinks were made. Check out their website if you are interested in how they make Irish Coffee.

We do love Boudin Bakery, but until our last night had no idea they had a restaurant up stairs, Bistro Boudin. As we had a very early start in the morning, we had an early dinner, so had a great choice of tables. The view out the window next to us was to another building on the water, then the Bay and Alcatraz. Can I just say that their Margarita Pizza on Sourdough was AMAZING!!

And dinner was beautiful. You cant come to San Francisco and not try the local seafood so Dungeness Crab Mac & Cheese was the go for me, Red Wine Braised Beef Stew was on the menu for the Carnivore.

After dinner, we had one last stop on our list for our time in San Francisco. But before getting there we had to walk off dinner. I have wanted to wander the seafood seller stalls on Fishermans Wharf from the first time we were in San Francisco, but finally got the chance. It was packed but worth the look.

Everything seafood is on offer, nice and fresh all day long.

Our last stop for the night - Cold Stone Creamery. Very similar to Cold Rock for those of us in Australia. You pick your ice cream, then your mix-ins and any extras you want, such as a waffle cone cup. Dinner was way too filling to think of having one each.
 The next stop is the ever amazing New York City.

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