Honeymoon - San Francisco, California, USA - Day 3

8:00 PM

Day 3 in beautiful San Francisco saw us hopping a bus for a visit to the beautiful Redwoods at the Muir Woods National Monument. This forest had been on my to do list since the first time we visited and we finally went and checked it all out. We headed out over the Golden Gate Bridge and along the Redwoods Highway to the North.

These trees are just something else. I have never seen trees so tall or round in my life.

I am very glad it was pointed out to us that George Lucas lives in the area of the Muir Woods and used this beautiful backdrop in Star Wars as the home forest of the gorgeous Ewoks. We tried to play 'spot an Ewok' but the forest was too busy.

Just to show how round some of these mighty trees can be.
A quick stop at Fort Baker and Horseshoe Bay for a couple of happy snaps on our way back into town. I will just say that our Tour Guide was amazing. His knowledge was well worth the cost of the day and proved that he had a genuine interest in local history with all of the little stories he was able to tell.

Our afternoon activity saw me crossing another 'must do' off my list with a trip to Coit Tower. There is a fantastic history behind this building and the eccentric lady behind it all. Not only was it a great site to see, the view of the city was amazing - 360 degrees on the bay.

The view of the Ferry Building from the top. This building is iconic San Francisco Bay and has been recently refurbished.

Every afternoon we ventured down to Pier 39 and sat with a drink watching the Sea lions playing. You can sit and watch them play and show off for hours.

Dinner was at Pompei's Grotto on the bay. It was a cooler night, so we were happy to huddle up in this cosy restaurant for an hour or so. We did try the locally brewed Prohibition Ale. A bit too dark for us but tried it anyway.

 One last stop on the way back to the hotel was past the San Francisco Chocolate Store. How gorgeous is the set up!

And all of those Candy Apples on the back shelf. I would have loved nothing more than to bring a few home!

One more day in San Francisco to go then we more to our next city.

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