Honeymoon - New York City, New York, USA - Day 5

8:13 PM

There isn't too much to show in photos for day 5 of our trip. We were up and on the go early for our shuttle to San Francisco airport. And when I say early, I mean still dark for hours early. We go through security and found our gate and settled in for the long wait. New York City was covered in heavy fog and ALL flights in and out were delayed. As the morning progresses, our delays came at us every half hour to hour and we watch, what was to be our first day in New York City slip away in an airport lounge.

Our view in the window of the beautiful San Francisco weather while waiting for news of our flight. Once we were seated and in the air, we were told of our flight path. We would be flying over Canada for a good bit of the flight so that all of the delayed flights could be staggered into NYCs major airports. This added nearly 2 hours to our flight, but to be on our way was a good start.
The selfie at the airport upon arrival. The weather was a bit dismal but we had made it and were glad to be on the ground. The shuttle bus ride into the city was another adventure. The shuttle drivers in NYC are maniacs, but this trip we did see a lot of the city from the shuttle, coming in from the Bronx end of town, and were lucky enough to have a local next to us who was pointing out landmarks and chatting with us about life in the Big Apple. Mean while, my gorgeous SIL was flying in from London and texting us for a catch up.

We arrived finally at our hotel and hit Time Square in search of dinner. This was to be our only main meal this day due to such an early start and delayed flights (and you cant count flight food as a main meal)! We hit TGI Fridays as we had always had a great meal here. When ordering I requested a Samuel Adams beer (I had been hanging for a Sam), to which I was given size options. I took the largest one they had and enjoyed every bit of it :-)

And entree was awesome.... Cant you just feel the weight stacking on by looking at this picture!! Skillet Nachos coated in cheese. This was the best way to end such a long day.
The life of a traveller! The NYC adventure starts on Day 6!

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