Record Week...

6:13 PM

Prior to running out the door for my weekly basketball game and spending the weekend playing along at the Savvy Winter Cyber Crop, I thought I would share a couple of my LOs from the last week!!! Since Sunday afternoon, I have completed 7 in total... A record for me (who only a little while ago couldn't even achieve 1 in a week). I think it is safe to say the Mojo is back!!!

I have also been practicing my "blind" skills!! I figured if I am going to play along at Savvy on Saturday, I need to understand how it all works. So, I completes Sars blind crop from last month. It proved to be fantastic for the particular photos that I really needed to do from our Thailand holiday. It is titled Just Amazing for a reason (as I am sure you can see)!!! I am also loving these little prints... So handy to be able to tell the story without doing a double LO.

Little Green Balloon is very loosely based on the recent sketch at Scrap the Boys. I just love the way this one turned out!!

A just because from the holiday collection 4 Floor Sunset. I just love these alphas!!

And finally I played with paint!!! So impressed with myself for just having a go and not stressing about how it would all turn out. To add to that, it is actually pretty amazing to see what $10 Aussie dollars can buy from 7/11 in Thailand!!!

Hope to have more to post after the weekend of Winter Cyber Cropping... A good chance to finish off all of the snow trip photos from last year!!!! Lol

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  1. OMG you ARE on a roll aren't you!! They all look awesome, well done! Enjoy your weekend. xoxo


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