Finding MOJO

3:43 PM

It can be a very interesting time trying to find your scrapping Mojo... But I think I have found it again and loving the results.

It started this week with Sara's Colour Challenge over at Savvy. When I saw Monochrome, I was very unsure, but couldn't resist having a go. My thought process started with picking a colour, and pulling out everything that I had that would match the scheme. Once I had everything layed out, I then selected the items that I thought were of the same tones (somethings just didn't fit and looked odd). By this stage I was starting to get excited. Last thing prior to designing the layout was to select a photo that would fit the colour scheme.

The first one was YELLOW... Such a happy, bright, summer colour. This photo was from Ronai's 30th birthday fancy dress, last year.

I was so in love with the Monochrome result (and still not sure about the mojo being back), that I selected another colour and went for it again. This time the choice was BLUE. The photo is from our Hogs Breath dinner prior to the Presets concert in Wollongong. The first concert was postponed due to illness. It just so happened that the date they picked to move it to was the first State of Origin for 2009. Couldn't help but wear the jersey to show my support.

It was also a first for me to use the sewing machine on a scrap page. Fairly happy with the final result.

Monday I received the SOLD OUT Scrapbook Savvy We're Savvy kit for July. This kit has the most amazing colours and inspiration just jumped at me. Since I opened it, I have been in my scrap corner every night. Still haven't even opened the SOLD OUT She's Savvy kit yet!!!

The first page was a just for fun. I have been thinking about this photo, and have been very cautious not to stuff it up. Everything just fell into place with it and I am happy with the end result. This photo is of the sunset at Patong Beach, Thailand while we were on holidays in April.

This is also a just for fun page of Austie on the water slide in the kids pool at the resort in Thailand. We saw it on day one, but he didn't end up having a go until our last day. Lucky I had the camera ready!!!

This is my entry for the Scrapbook Savvy Kit challenge for July. The criteria is a Doilie, a Mixed Alpha Title and Obvious Distressing. This is the photo of me about to try a PORK BURGER at McDonald's in Thailand. I must admit, it was really good.

This is my take on Anthea's July Sketch at Savvy. Not sure about it and thinking of doing another one to actually enter, but glad I got this one done. This was done with my remainder of the He's Savvy kit from a few months ago. Charlie turns 3.

Lastly this is my entry for Emma's 5,4,3,2,1 challenge at Savvy. These photos were taken at Haydens 1st Birthday party last Saturday. Tom just loved the extra bit of attention, and taking photos is my way of showing it!! This is using Echo Park papers which again just scream SUMMER & FUN...

Just to top it off, here is the card I made for Mat's Birthday last week.

Thanks to Sar for the advice about where to get the smaller photos printed. If it wasn't for that, there is no way I would have been able to complete this months 5,4,3,2,1 as Emma set the challenge of 5 photos on the page!!!

I think the lack of Mojo has been because of the crappy winter weather. Once I have taken the time to lighten my life with papers that scream summer, I have become a little happier in life too. Its funny how cold horrible weather can make such a difference to life.

Anyway a very long one from me today, but needed to show off the Mojo (considering it has been so long since I had any) :-)

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  1. MY favourite is simple treasures & Watch me slide......... awsome job Tessa!! xx

  2. Hi Tess...Shell here from Challenge Heaven.

    Hope you can be inspired by the gals at Challenge Heaven. Nice to have you on the site. I look forward to seeing some more of you layouts.

    (I'm from Wollongong too - small world huh!)


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