Friday Night Crop

10:27 PM

This week I want to start by saying a massive Thank You to Sar for finally talking me into attending a Friday Night Crop at Savvy. I had a fantastic time with wonderful people, and will be back for more!!! Watching everyone in action was great and Emma, well what can I say, the ideas and amazing LOs just flow easily from her mind to paper. Emma is a wonder to watch and her ideas are just endless. Thanks for the twine advice!!!

I am also happy to say that my Mojo didn't catch a whisper of it so didn't have a chance to escape before I got there!!! lol

I thought 2 completed LOs and 2 75% complete LOs was a wonderful effort for me to complete in 5 hours, along with plenty of chatting and laughing and getting to know the girls. Considering it has been taking me 2-3 hours per page lately...

"Munchy" is completed with the July He's Savvy Mini Kit. I loved this kit and have enough left for 1 more page!!!

"Denim Dude" has also been completed with the July He's Savvy Mini Kit. I just love these photos and how this page ended up.

I have found myself struggling to use the She's Savvy Kit this month. Once I saw what Sar was doing with hers, I got a bit of inspiration to pull mine out and give it a go.

Thinking that the She's Savvy Kit worked for me on Friday night, I gave it another go with "The Emperor" from our trip to Melbourne earlier this year.

Again with the July He's Savvy Mini Kit, I have been able to finally complete a LO for my holiday album from our Thailand holiday early last year. I think it works wonderfully with this kit. This is also my take on the sketch for this month over at Anna's Craft Cupboard.

I have finally discovered rolls of double sided adhesive tape (thanks to crop).... I am now left wondering why I had never found it sooner. Life is just so easy now (until I run out!!!).
Well back to the scrapping table for me!!!

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  1. Was lovely to have you! Hope you can make it again soon (around your busy basketball timetable of course!). :)

  2. I love all of these pages. And your boys pages make me want a little boy so bad. (I have two little girls.)


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