I can't believe its July already!!!

9:53 PM

Where is this year going??? Now that I am through most of the end of financial year stuff, it is now a matter of getting back to my scrapbooking and finding a little time for the things I love.

Austie is away again tonight, and I have completed my first page in 10 days. That is just way to long to not be creating. I have sat and pondered (for hours) many ideas and photos in the last 10 days, but have had no ambition, flare or craving to do anything except a card, which I have had to force myself to do... The thought of ironing was a better option than scrapbooking over the last little while **Sigh**

Here is the card that I have made... It didn't turn out anything like I wanted it to, but am happy with it none the less. I do love the American Crafts frames...

Happy 1st Birthday Hayden. We will see you on Saturday precious boy!!!

Congrats to Sarah for selling out ALL of the July Savvy kits on the 1st day of the month. That is just an awesome effort (but they are just fantastic as always)!!! I can't wait to get mine. Lets hope it stirs a bit of creativity.

Here are the last 2 layouts I did. This one for the Sar's June Kit Challenge at Savvy. It had to contain transparency larger than 6x6, hand stitching and fussy cutting. The hand stitching was the killer as the colour I did first didn't stand out, so I unpicked it all and re-did it in brown. It looks much better through.

The other page was for Sara's June Colour Challenge at Savvy. The colour selection for the month was Black, Brown, Red and Orange. These are not normally colours that I would put together. Red and Black, yes, Brown and Orange, yes, but together?? It took a lot of thinking and sifting through my paper stash to come up with a selection that mixed well together and I was happy with. Once I finished this LO I was so excited that I had completed something I was actually really happy with. Anyway, this one is from our snow trip last year, where I tried to snowboard (and had major bruises on my knees to prove it).

That's enough for me for tonight. Have a wonderful Friday and a safe weekend.

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