Day Trip to Sydney & Vivid - Video

7:52 PM

I just wanted to drop in quickly and let you know that I have just added a new video to my YouTube channel.

We did an afternoon trip into the city of Sydney, wandered through the Queen Victoria Building (one of my favourites in the city), and went on to Vivid. This trip was mostly to put the DJI OSMO through its paces in low light situations. Unfortunately I personally don't think it held up too well, but there is the ability to add a hot shoe light to the set up, which I would advise. Due to this some of the video has been filmed on an iPhone 5C due to the clarity and zoom (it doesn't fish eye at all so things are a real distance away in the video rather than further than they really are).

I did use the OSMO as a camera too, while hanging out down at Circular Quay. That area will take a bit to wrap my head around but here are the best pics from the night that I could get (time to YouTube how others do it I think!). These are completely unedited - straight from the camera using longer exposures. The colour is spot on and the photos are really clear.

This video is a tad over 11 minutes long, but due to the nature of the Vivid footage it needed to be a bit longer to showcase the event.

I ended up with just over an hour worth of footage from the OSMO alone, which used 3 batteries - Its a hungry little sucker, but it does have an internal fan to keep the unit from overheating, so it makes sense.

Its had 2 outings now, but I have learnt a huge amount in that time. It is an easy unit to control, but learning how to hold it to get the most out of the picture, as well as not drawing too much attention to the fact that you are filming has been the biggest learning curve.

Once we get back from our next trip I will do a full review of the unit and the accessories that I have bought, so that you have the full low down on this awesome gadget!

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