True XOXO "The Superbet" Challenge

9:41 AM

Scenario: A week prior to the big game, The Super Bowl. One DT member is mad Giants, another mad Ravens. The trash talk begins. A scrap bet is made based on the outcome of the game. We choose sides.... Its a 50 50 chance of winning. Based on their record I choose Giants.

The Bet: Each DT member was asked to submit an item or technique. These would be compiled into a list and the losers were to complete a page with all of these elements on it.

As you can imagine the list was going to be a bit of a mess and it was always going to be a challenge, but one I was happy to tackle as part of the losing team.... A bet is a bet after all.

The list:
Red & Gold
Purple Washi Tape
Lobster/Embossed Stamping (The lobster was a joke but extra point were awarded if you could make it work)
Index Cards

The layout: And in true XOXO style, there was a good mix of style. Here is mine (less the embossed stamping as I didn't have anything to do it with, and the lobster? No where to be found, although I did look for a little sticker to put on there somewhere).


Take on a challenge this weekend and see what you can produce with the loser list. If this list doesn't inspire you, head over and check out the girls work. You never know, a scraplift might just be in order.

TFL xx

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  1. WOW - your page is amazing! I adore that stencil!!!!!!!! What a challenge that is!! eek LOL!!


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