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I loved hearing every ones response to SMASH, and to know that I have inspired a few more people to give it a go is fantastic.

It was a conscious decision when I started this album to use all photos in a 4x4 format. It is a "holiday by instagram" kind of thing. To say that I am not happy with this decision is not true, but I am putting it down to a learning curve of the project.

One thing it does do is provide uniformity to the whole project, and lets face it, a one week holiday filling a whole smash album is a hell of a lot of photos. So this was a great way to not have either blank pages or have to rip some out.

I have been playing around with ideas and techniques that will work in the album. For a change I figured that paint and stenciled ink may be options, as well as chipboard.

What do you think??!! I was happy with the result and the papers are defiantly heavy enough to hold the paint and inks without effecting what is on the other side already.

And the best part of SMASH and those of us that collect every little thing while on holidays, here is the door key.

Here is another double page using the same idea with the little collectible from holidays. As this album is based on instagram photos, I have been recording some of the status updates that went with them online.

This one is using a WOW Christmas Tree and uses every day photos like the one of our Christmas shopping. I am also using up some of my old rub-ons.

The last one for this post is using a coloured doily to alter the background. To make this work on any page, I have a white paper doily from one of the cheap shops and sprayed it with one of the Dylusional mists to make it the colour of choice for the page. I have also been able to sneak in a coaster from the restaurant.

I can say that in future albums I will be using a different range of photo sizes as I know I will have a lot to fit in.

The SMASH tip from this post - Items like rub-ons, chipboard, paints, inks and doilies are not thick or bulky items but will still alter the look of a page while keeping the album relatively thin.

My next post will be about SMASH and Washi.... A love of mine!!

TFL xx

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  1. Your SMASH album is coming along fantastically! Love how you incorporate memorabilia into your SMASH album :-)

  2. To me, this is what SMASH is all about! Incorporating photos and memorabilia altogether in one place, and a place to try out new and different techniques, and to get you to think in a different way than you would for a traditional scrapbook. I love these!!!

  3. Love I inspired enough to take the only SMASH album I have left off the shelf...mmmm not sure! But I'm definitely thinking about it...can't wait to see more, you just might tip me over the edge :p


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