For the Love of Green (and just a dash of Attitude)!!

11:41 PM

I go through phases when it comes to colours that I find impossible to scrap with. Like most scrappers Purple was my love/hate for a long time. Orange was after than, and now more recently green. Yet I am safe to say that my love/hate with green didn't seem to hang around for long at all.

After not having much mojo over the last few weeks, my want and design for this page really came out of no where. I have stared playing more with paints, which I am in love with, but playing with green was even more fun!!

Meet Mr Attitude

I love these photos, and this kid!!! He cracks me up with his facials (even when he doesn't know we are watching).

What is your love/hate colour? Does yours change like mine?

TFL xx

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  1. wow! I love this Tess! you rocked the green....
    I don't really have a colour that I have trouble with... I just don't use it lol... there is a lot to be said about black and white photos bahahahaha
    D xxx


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