To Do List Update - Winter 2017

10:00 AM

Its been a while since my last to-do list update, and a lot has happened.... My main time waster is our beautiful Miss H, so there is no chance of getting things done like I used to. My time is limited, especially uninterrupted time, so I have made myself comfortable with the fact that this list is going to grow before it shrinks. I also need to reassess the list and work out which items are just a lost cause and to not stress over.

Lets also add to that a sewing to-do list and plenty of changes occurring around our house at the moment, and I need to really prioritise these things.

By putting this list into writing, it makes me accountable, but I need to also give myself permission to put things aside and work on them only when I have time. No point stressing about them as this just transfers into the tone of our house, and we don't need that!

Here is my last list:
  • Vanuatu Smash Album - 2012
  • USA Capture Album - 2013
  • USA Route 66 Mini Album - 2013
  • Hawaii Project Life Album - 2014
  • Hawaii Instagram Mini Album - 2014
  • Wedding Planning Smash Album - 2012
  • Engagement Party Album - 2011
  • Wedding Album - 2012
  • December Daily 2015
  • New Zealand Scrap Album (12x12) - 2016
  • Hawaii Midori Travellers Notebook - 2016
Added to that since was:
  • December Daily 2016
  • Harpers Pregnancy/Birth/Development Album
I'm sure there are other items that should be on this list, but as they aren't there now, they are obviously not on my radar!

The items that can be crossed off:
  • December Daily 2016
  • December Daily 2015
I am proud to say that I have been keeping up with my Project Life this year and I love it. I don't feel compelled to be completing separate 12x12 pages of any of the photos, as all the stories, plus more, are documented on a weekly basis. I am really happy with the decision to document this way, but I do need to keep on top of it!

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