Movie Gift Pack - DIY

10:00 AM

I was looking for gift ideas last Christmas for boys that are creeping up on the tween years. They are not easy to shop for! You cant buy them clothes or simple toys anymore, and technology is just an ever growing field.

There are also younger boys in the family (6-8 year olds) who love to try and keep up with the older boys. So something that could be gifted to all age groups was going to tick all the boxes.

I have gifted movie vouchers for birthdays in the past, so when it was mentioned how well they have gone down in the past, I thought that pulling together a movie gift pack would really be the answer (and a great thing in time for the summer school holidays).

This works well as a last minute gift, for several reasons:
1. You want the gift voucher to have as much time on it as possible
2. Being hot in Australia at Christmas, waiting to pull it together will also mean that any chocolate or lollies don't melt

The vouchers I included were for $50 value, meaning that the recipient would get several movies out of it. This being the case, I wanted to make sure that there was enough food to last several movies too. Putting chips, chocolate and a bag of lollies certainly was enough to last.

All I needed to do was put everything together into a clear plastic bag, and seal it off with a tag. I designed my own in word and sized them to fit the bags. They are printed on a thin card, rather than just normal paper. This will give you the change to personalise the tags for each child if you wish.

They went down a treat and were perfect for all of the age groups required. These are great at Christmas or birthdays. I might just gift the same thing again this Christmas.

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