A Gift from the Heart - 9x9 Shadow Frames

10:00 AM

Last Christmas I was looking for a very personal gift for a lovely scrappy friend on the other side of the world. I wanted something that wasn't food and from the heart. I wasn't concerned with cost to post, just so long as it was loved when it was opened.

I went back to the 9x9 shadow frame scrap page idea, and as my lovely friend has lost a couple of her most loved fur babies in the last couple of years, I wanted to help her healing process by scrapping photos of them so that they could be put on display, when she was ready. I know that scrapping is often a wonderful therapy for helping to remember our loved ones, but it can be hard to do when it is so raw.

I stole the pictures I used off facebook or Instagram, printed them on my Canon Selphy printer and got to work. I keep a stash of the Ikea 9x9 shadow frames, in both black and white, in my cupboard for days like this.

I was very lucky to have met both of these furbabies when we were in Arizona a few years ago, and they were very different dogs. To show that I created one frame with teal and blue and the other with red. They are both tied together with the cream and gold foil paper, black and gold foil paper, white doily, wood veneer and Charms Creations hearts.

You don't need to be a talented scrapper to create a gift like this. I cant wait to use the frames for Miss H's art works as she gets a bit older. They will free stand due to the thickness of the frame, so the contents can be interchanged.

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