'Everyday Love'

7:00 PM

Welcome back for another Words or Whatever new release share for this month. I love this layout and how it came together, and the bright happy colours now that the weather is getting colder.

I have had this photo hanging around for some time now and have never found the right products to scrap it with. I don't use a massive amount of bright colours but this one called for it.

Everyday Love
using chipboard 'everyday' title, chipboard 'love' title and light wood veneer 'xoxo'

I love it when the pack of a product is all nice and pretty inside. If you are anything like me you will hold onto it until you find a good use. Can I say, this one only lasted a day or two before it was stuck down! Isn't it pretty, and oh so perfect for this page.

I don't scrap 'everyday' very often. I take lots of photos but that's about as far as they get. This photo was a reminder of how loved I am, and how it is shown in such simple ways.... like this. Coming home from a day at work and then a night time meeting to find my bowl and fork all ready for 2 minute noodles, my tea cup all ready for hot water and my cup all ready for whatever I wanted to have with dinner. Its all topped off by the Tim Tams and the love note!

Its important to remember the little things and that is what this page is for.

I have coloured the chipboard titles with vintage photo ink and left the light wood veneer raw.

I love how this page turned out. I think it is a bit of a new favorite!! Do you scrap everyday life?

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  1. I LOVE this page! The colours are amazing! And what a sweet photo! Can't believe that is packaging.


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