What I'm doing this weekend...

7:21 AM

So, it is that time of year again. Time for all of the Illawarra trucking and biker community to come out and raise funds for Camp Quality.... Time to raise as much money as we can for kids living in our community with cancer. Time to make the 9th year as amazing as the last 8!
This is a video from last years lead up and the day.
*Warning: you may need a box of tissues for this one! I know I do every time!*

I have travelled in this in a truck three times since I have been working in the industry and that first overpass bridge you get to always, ALWAYS gets the tears rolling down the face.
This convoy is *unofficially* the biggest in the World with over 700 trucks taking part and something most people wouldnt' believe unless they saw it with their own eyes.
It is always an amazing day, where we are very happy to be back in a truck again this year. And a highlight for us will be having our 13 year old niece with us to experience it all for the first time from the road.
Today is a very happy Thursday for the Illawarra. To take words out of Craig Durens mouth 'One we wish we didn't have to do because that would mean the kids weren't sick'. But one that we, as a community, we are so very proud to be a part of!

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