Lily turns 13

8:00 PM

Our beautiful niece Lily turned 13 yesterday. I have only been around the family for 6 years and first met Lil when she was 7. Lily is one of those people that appreciates everything, and I love nothing more than trying to come up with a new birthday card idea for her every year. It makes me feel good that she likes the home made cards and I'm sure it makes her feel good knowing that I put time, effort and most of all, love, into making it especially for her.
There is a use for project life cards even if you don't do project life!!! Cut them up and make cards with them!

We are loving watching her grow into a beautiful young lady,  and the personality grows with her, along with her heart.
Here is the birthday girl with her special sign at the restaurant last night. We hope you had an amazing day and cant wait to continue watching you grow!

I will be back with one more post this week about my Capture album, then we are on to the Christmas month!!

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