My WOW Week - Washi Tape Chipboard

6:30 PM

I have been very excited to share this post since my experiment.

And when I say experiment I had a massive amount of fun in getting this idea to work.

I have a slight obsession with Washi Tape. I have so many rolls of it in different colours and patterns that I spend a little while trying to figure out how to combine WOW and washi.

Here is the result

Sushi Train Date

I have used Flourish #11 (LB019) and Corner Arrow Pack (WOW1626), all have been covered in washi tape. This is one way to alter a pattern on chipboard.

I ran stips of washi the length of the piece of chipboard. I have then trimmed them back and filed off the excess. This is repeated across the width of the chipboard until it is covered to your liking. By using washi with the patterns like I have chosen, I havent had to match up them up side by side, but something to be concious of if using this technique.

This works best on the more chunky pieces of chipboard so there is not as much filing to be done. It took a bit of time to make this work, but a technique I will be trying again.

TFL xx

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