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6:06 PM

After the stress of Christmas and New Years has now died down, I took some time to play with photos from last year and try to get them completed before I start any new photos from 2011... I just hope this idea lasts long enough to get them all done :-)

So I have already completed 5 LOs and 2 doubles for 2011. Not as many as some, but I ran out of tape and haven't been back to do any more. I guess I should be putting the time to good use and attempting page kits as I will need to know I can do these at some stage!!! They say practice makes perfect!!!!

Sailing around the Bay is my take on one of the Stuck Sketches from December using the December He's Savvy kit. I couldn't get my circles any bigger and there wasn't much size difference between them, so I changed the sketch to suit (which is what sketches are all about).

Walk the plank Matey! is from Decembers We're Savvy kit with a bit of Purple Pumpkin thrown in for good measure!!!

10.12.10 are photos of Kate and Ronnies precious little boy, Carter the day after he was born. Its hard to believe that these expressions came from a baby that wasn't even 24 hours old...

So I have more tape on order, which I will pick up when I get a chance, and more paper so that I can try and finish the Christmas photos. Otherwise it is a case of settling back into work for another year and counting down to our holidays.

TFL xx

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  1. Fantastic pages !!! Well done!! Love all the paint effects :-)

  2. Hey chick, your pages are looking FAB!! xx


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